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Most anesthesiologists can be found in hospitals, as they provide care for patients undergoing surgery and those in extreme pain. During surgery, they are the individuals responsible for monitoring a patient's vital signs and ensuring they remain steady throughout the procedure. They also provide pain relief to those in critical condition or with severe pain. In order to practice, most anesthesiologists complete a four year residency after finishing medical school. Starting salaries for anesthesiologist are approximately $250,000 to over $450,000.

Learn more about the field on the American Society of Anesthesiologists website. They have lots of information about being an anesthesiologist. For instance, you can learn about the three main types of anesthesia: General, local, and regional. their website also includes links to other associations for anesthesiologists.

If the field is of interest to you, but going to medical school is too much, then consider a nurse anesthetist career.

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