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A healthcare field growing in popularity, especially among college students today, is athletic training, due to its ability to combine sports with healthcare and medicine. Athletic trainers work for sports teams or sport facilities and work with players and coaches to prevent and heal injuries.

One of the most important jobs of an athletic trainer is to prevent injury to a player. This entails providing certain types of treatments that will keep an injury from reoccurring, such as ankle taping, stretching and more.

In addition, athletic trainers must be continually evaluating, assessing and treating athletes to ensure that injuries or weak areas in the body are caught early, before they require time away from the sport or surgery.

In addition to prevention of injuries, an athletic trainer also works with athletes that have suffered injuries and need rehabilitation. They also are present when athletes are training or competing in their sport, in order to provide immediate care should an athlete be injured.

Education: All athletic trainers must possess the minimum of a bachelor's degree, and they must be certified, as this is a requirement by each state in order to practice sports medicine.

Where they Work: Athletic trainers can work in a number of different settings, as sports can be found on a multitude of different levels, from middle school to professional sporting organizations. Most work in schools/colleges, professional athletic organizations, rehabilitation clinics or private sports medicine practices.

Average Pay: The average salary for an athletic trainer is $40,000 with most entry-level trainers beginning at $35,000.

Job Outlook: Due to the growing popularity and prominence of sports in society, the job outlook for athletic trainers is good.

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