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Counseling is focused on helping individuals grow. This is accomplished by helping individual's to discover and utilize certain resources to address and solve their problems. Counselors have the option to work in a number of different settings, as well as deal with clients faced with particular problems. For example, some counselors choose to work with couples facing martial problems, while others are committed to helping individuals with drug and alcohol addictions. Don't confuse these jobs with psychiatry jobs, however, as psychiatrists have medical degrees and prescribe medication whereas most counselors do not.

Job Requirements - No matter where or who a counselor works with, counseling requires many of the same skills with good communication skills being very important.

Not only must a counselor be able to effectively communicate with the individual they are working with, but they also must be good listeners in order to accurately understand and help the patient.

Education - In order to practice counseling, individuals must be licensed. A license can be obtained by completing an undergraduate and graduate degree, as well as completing a minimum number of clinical hours counseling, which allows an individual to provide counseling under the supervision of a licensed, professional counselor.

Who's Hiring - Individuals specializing in counseling have the option to work in a number of different places, as counselors can be found almost anywhere. Schools, colleges, hospitals, nonprofit organizations, mental health facilities, and law enforcement facilities are just some of the places you can work as a counselor. In addition, many counselors work in private practices that focus on providing individual counseling and treatment to those seeking therapy for marital, family, relationship or lifestyle problems.

Pay - The average earnings in a year for a counselor is $40,000. However, this amount can vary significantly depending upon where an individual works and what exactly they do. In fact the pay scale for counselors can range from $23,000 to over $70,000.

Job Outlook - The job prognosis for counselors over the next 10 years is good, as the number of mental health, addiction, and personal problems continues to grow.

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