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Emergency doctors work in emergency rooms of hospitals and are trained to respond quickly to injuries and illnesses. In some cases, the quick decisions and care an emergency room physician provides is the difference between life and death for a patient. In addition to being quick to respond, emergency room physicians have lots of knowledge about a variety of diseases and problems, so they can respond quickly during times of an emergency.

Of all the types of doctors, the emergency room physician is probably best known by the public because of popular television shoes like E.R.

Most emergency room physicians spend three years completing a residency, which allows them to enjoy a salary ranging from $175,000 to $225,000 as a full-time professional. The job outlook for emergency room doctors is fair, as many research reports have dictated a significant need for more physicians in emergency rooms to handle the increase in individuals seeking emergency care over the last few years. However, many hospitals being unable to fill the vacancies have turned to other healthcare workers, such as physician assistants, to complete many of the tasks. If this continues, jobs for emergency physicians may become limited.

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