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For individuals who choose a career in the healthcare field, the number of places to gain employment is high. In most cases, individuals can select what type of facility or what population of individuals they would like to work with. Here are some different places individuals in the healthcare field can choose to work in:

Hospital Jobs

One of the largest employers of healthcare workers today in the United States is hospitals, as they employ over 40% of healthcare workers. Due to their large size and the number of individuals they treat and care for each day, the need to employ sufficient nurses, doctors and other professionals is high.

There are two reasons that hospitals employ large numbers of healthcare professionals.

The first is the fact that the hospital provides a wide variety of services and treatments for illnesses and other health ailments. This can include surgery, diagnostic services, therapy, treatment, emergency care, and 24 hour nursing services, as well as many other things.

The second reason that hospitals employ a large number of healthcare professionals is due to the fact that they provide healthcare services and treatment around the clock, as opposed to the traditional working hours of many physician offices.

Many individuals in the healthcare field prefer working in a hospital, as they have the ability to provide needed care at critical times. In addition, working at hospital often provides you with the opportunity to work with a diverse population varying in age and backgrounds, while practices and other facilities often limit this.


Another employer of some positions in the healthcare field are schools, and these can vary from K-12 to colleges and universities. Many school districts, as well as colleges, employ school nurses that rotate through the schools to handle children who aren't feeling well or sustained minor, non-emergency injuries during recess. In addition, most schools also have counselors, who are available for students facing mental problems or just need someone to talk to. Those that work at schools often choose it as a place of employment due to the fact they work solely with children, and they have summers off.


Another popular place for individuals in the healthcare field to work is in medical practices or offices. In fact, of the 500,000 medical facilities in the United States, over 75% of them are medical practices or offices. Most of the time, these are private practices owned by the doctor practicing in them. However, more and more doctors are partnering together, as this allows them to be more profitable by sharing equipment and costs. Working in a medical office or practice is perfect for individuals looking for a little bit slower pace than a hospital. It also often provides you with the opportunity to get to know patients, as they tend to frequent the same office or practice to maintain their health and well being.

Nursing Care/Assisted Living Facility

A growing place for employment is in nursing care and assisted living facilities, as they now employ over 20% of healthcare professionals and practitioners. As the baby boomer generation nears retirement and becomes elderly, more and more nursing care and assisted living facilities are popping up all over the country. This is due to the fact elderly individuals are needing more healthcare now than before due to the increased life expectancy better healthcare has provided. A number of different healthcare positions can be found in nursing care and assisted living facilities, and many individuals enjoy working there. If you are an individual who enjoys working with the elderly or you like to develop a personal relationship with the people you help, you can do that by working in a nursing care or assisted living facility.

Home Health Care

Similar to nursing care facilities, home health care is also a growing area and can provide many job opportunities for individuals looking for a unique place to work in the healthcare field. Home health is growing due to the increase of elderly individuals who are choosing to remain in their home or with their family instead of entering a nursing care facility. However, positions with home health care agencies and service providers are often limited to a few select job positions, such as nurses and administrators.

Doctors, specialists and those in other areas of the healthcare field have limited or no job opportunities in home health.

Public Health Clinic/Facility

For individuals looking for a true place to make a difference, public health clinics and facilities are the perfect place to work. Many individuals utilizing these facilities are uninsured and would not be able to obtain healthcare if not for public health. In these cases, you as a healthcare practitioner really are making the difference in this person's life, because without your care and treatment they could develop life-threatening illnesses, infections or problems. Of course, jobs and responsibilities vary from one public health entity to the next, so it is important you find a position you want providing the care you want when looking for a career in public health.

Outreach/Outpatient Facility

One of the final places of employment for individuals in the healthcare field is an outreach or outpatient facility. Often these facilitates are places where individuals needing quick, one-day procedures go to have them done. They also often serve as rehabilitation areas or centers, where people seeking therapy or treatment for injuries or disorders can receive them.

Other Facilities

There are a few other places for individuals in the healthcare field to work, although these are limited and not located in every city or geographical area. Research hospitals, medical universities, rehabilitation centers, and medical and diagnostic labs are all places healthcare professionals may find work if the right position comes along.

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