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Individuals who serve as medical librarians play an important role, as they provide information on diseases, treatments, and more to doctors, nurses, patients, and more. They are skilled in analyzing research and reports, accessing a variety of print and electronic resources, and communicating information with various clients. Many times when physicians don't have answers to a medical question or problem, they consult a medical librarian for information. In addition to providing information to doctors when requested, medical librarians help doctors stay current on the latest news and research pertaining to their field.

In order to be a medical librarian, an individual must obtain their bachelor's degree, as well as complete their master's degree in library or information science. Usually this education combined takes 5-6 years.

Medical librarians can work in a number of different healthcare settings, as long as there is a demand for information. These settings often include hospitals, university medical centers, healthcare research facilities, insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies, government agencies, medical and healthcare equipment manufacturing facilities and more.

The average yearly salary for a medical librarian is $58,000, although they can earn up to $160,000 by advancing to the position of director in a medical library.

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