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Plastic surgeons are doctors responsible for repairing and correcting abnormalities in an individual's body, which are a result of birth, accidents or general discontent with a particular aspect of the body. The number of plastic surgeons has increased in recent decades as more and more individuals have sought out plastic surgeons to improve their appearance, and this trend is expected to continue as plastic surgery becomes more widely accepted and part of a common practice in the United States.

Working as a cosmetic surgeon you may have a wide variety of surgical procedures to perform, each day different from the next. On Dr. 90210, a popular television show, most of the surgeries are breast augmentations, face lifts tummy tucks, and liposuctions.

But in reality you may also work on burn victims and others who have suffered through accidents. Plastic surgeons, like other types of physicians, are in an ever-changing, highly technological industry. Sometimes procedures, such as lipo-dissolve (or lipodissolve), come under scrutiny for health and safety reasons and are banned. Remember the scare around silicone breast implants? Diligence is important.

The residency requirements for plastic surgeons can vary from five to eight years. Most plastic surgeons are required to complete a 3-5 year residency in surgery, followed by a 2-3 year residency in plastic surgeon before becoming fully licensed. Upon completion of their residency requirements, most plastic surgeons can expect a salary ranging from $185,000 to $450,000, although those serving high-income individuals can gross more than this.

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