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Similar to the number of positions available in the service sectors of a healthcare facility, there are just as many jobs if not more, available in the administrative or professional level of a healthcare organization. These individuals often oversee different aspects of the organization, including doctors, nurses and other employees, and they are often responsible for making decisions that affect the entire organization or facility.

Healthcare Administration

Administrators are the CEOs, directors, presidents and other top-level executives in a healthcare organization, and they are responsible for making the overall decisions for the hospitals. Many administrators oversee the budget for the organization and are responsible for ensuring it stays profitable. If the healthcare organization or facility is expanding, it is the responsibility of the administrator to secure funds for the expansion, as well as oversee the construction of the project.

However, while the administrator is responsible for all these tasks, the majority of their time is spent overseeing and supervising other professional staff.

Depending upon the location and type of healthcare facility, most administrators don't make sole decisions. Instead they answer to a board of directors, who is responsible for making crucial decisions and ensuring the healthcare organization is adhering to its purpose and mission and serving the needs of its clients and the community or area where it is located.

Average Pay: Working as a healthcare administrator can be a very demanding and stressful job, as most administrators work an average 60 hour work week. However, the salary range and advancement for this profession is relatively high, ranging from $53,000 at entry level to $150,000 or more after 10 years.

Human Resources

Another major area at the professional career level for healthcare organizations is human resources, especially for organizations that employ large numbers of nurses, doctors and other healthcare professionals. These individuals are responsible for recruiting individuals to apply for jobs through advertisements in newspapers, websites, radio, TV and other methods. In addition, they also work with different departments throughout the hiring process to ensure that all interviews and hiring of employees is done legally without violating any national or federal laws, which would open the organization to the possibility of a lawsuit. Finally, human resource personnel for healthcare organizations are responsible for maintaining the personnel records of each employee. This includes information on benefits of their position, which may include life and disability insurance, health insurance, retirement, professional development and any other incentives a company may provide as part of the benefit package for their employees.

Average Pay: The salary range for human resource professionals in a healthcare organization is $35,000 to $80,000.

Medical Information Technology

The increase in technology in society has also led to an increase in technology in healthcare organizations, and thus individuals specialized in computers and technology have been hired to maintain and upgrade the technology when needed. Overall, the responsibilities of an individual working in the IT department of a healthcare organization is to solve any technological problems that occur with computers, software, and some diagnostic machines. However, they are also responsible for upgrading outdated equipment and contacting service providers to fix problems when it is beyond their scope of knowledge.

The actual job responsibilities and the average pay of an individual in IT in a healthcare organization varies greatly based on location, facility size and amount and type of technology used by the organization. However, a general salary range for IT employees is $40,000 to $100,000.

Marketing/Public Relations

Individuals in the marketing or public relations department of a healthcare organization are responsible for marketing the organization to ensure that individuals residing in or near the community or area where it is located knows about the different services they provide.

In addition, this professional department is also responsible for making sure that individuals in the surrounding area have a positive image of the organization and overall support the organization and its purpose.

Of course, individuals in this department are also responsible for providing information and communication in the event of a disaster, and they are also often the voice for the organization during times of turmoil. For example, these individuals speak for the organization when it is faced with a lawsuit or when a major disaster has happened and information is needed on the status and care of loved ones affected by the disaster.

The average pay for marketing and public relations specialists in the healthcare field ranges from $35,000 to $90,000.


With the rising cost of healthcare, the finance department of an organization is becoming very important in helping to keep the organization profitable. Personnel in finance are responsible for overseeing the various financial aspects of the organization, which includes income, expenditures and budgeting. They are usually the individuals who provide an overview of the budget to an administrator with areas and ways to cut money, as well as areas that need additional funds in order to operate efficiently. Finally, financial employees also oversee the accounting and auditing processes of the hospital, which ensures that all money is accounted for and the hospital is financially compliant with any federal, state or local monetary laws.

Average pay: Average pay for employees in the finance department of a healthcare organization varies depending upon a number of factors. Some only employ an accountant, while others employ chief financial officers. For individuals in a small organization or with a limited job function, average pay is between $35,000 and $90,000. However, for large organizations or major advanced financial officers, the pay ranges from $80,000 to $250,000.

Social Work

Social workers are another job position at the professional level of a healthcare organization, although not all organizations employ social workers. However, many do as social workers are responsible for ensuring a client is informed of different healthcare options and is well-cared for when receiving any type of treatment or care. Many social workers serve as an advocate for patients and families.

While many individuals choose to go into social work due to their desire to help individuals, the education, licensing and job demands of social workers can be extensive and exhausting. Social workers are required to complete an undergraduate and master's degree. In addition they must become licensed and remain licensed when working with and serving clients.

Average pay for social workers ranges from $25,000 per year to $70,000.

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