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A Job in Psychiatry

Psychiatrists are doctors who specialize in mental health. They are responsible for diagnosing mental illnesses in patients and providing the appropriate treatment. Sometimes this treatment consists of talking with the patient about issues and problems they are facing, while other times it requires medication or hospitalization. Psychiatrists, having graduated from medical school like other medical doctors, can also prescribe medications.

Illnesses treated include obsessive compulsive disorder, attention deficit disorder (ADD), manic depression, depression, various forms of schizophrenia, and anxiety. People seek out help from psychiatrists for a number of reasons.

To become a psychiatrist one has to attend medical school and do a multi-year residency afterwards. Psychiatrists work in hospitals, clinics, medical schools, and in private practices.

Psychiatrists generally make between $175,000 and $180,000.

The American Journal of Psychiatry is an interesting publication and the American Psychiatric Association website is a terrific resource, which includes links to many related associations.

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