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A physical therapist works with an individual who has a physical disability or has suffered an injury that has altered their physical abilities. Each individual and their needs are different, thus physical therapists work one-on-one with the individual to complete therapy that is the most beneficial to them. Often times physical therapists work with individuals on flexibility, range of motion, posture, strength, balance, and coordination, although they may do other things as well.

Education: In order to practice physical therapy, individuals must complete an accredited education program designed specifically for physical therapists, and they must also pass a licensing exam. These education programs generally consist of obtaining a minimum of a master's degree in physical therapy if not a doctorate degree.

Where They Work: The options of places to work for physical therapists is relatively high when compared to other medical professionals, as they have quite a selection to choose from. While the majority work in hospitals, physical therapists can be found in clinics, private offices, schools, homes, nursing care facilities, rehabilitation centers, and more.

Average Pay: The average pay for a physical therapist is $57,000, although this can range from $40,000 to $90,000.

Job Outlook: The job outlook for physical therapists is very good, as the demand for services increases as the number of individuals with disabilities increases. In addition the growing elderly population should also spur some of the growth for physical therapists, as they receive services to maintain their flexibility, balance, coordination and strength as they move into the late stages of their life.

Work Environment: Generally, most physical therapists work a traditional 40 hour regular work week. However, some accommodate their schedule to see patients in the evenings or on weekends.

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