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Have you ever wanted to go on an adventure? Try something new? Visit a place that you may have only seen on Discovery Channel or in National Geographic? Many savvy healthcare industry workers have learned that it's possible to go on a sort of 'extended working vacation' to places such as Alaska, the beautiful Florida penisula, the rural countryside of Pennsylvania, the surf mecca of southern California, the Colorado Rocky Mountains, and other places around the U.S. and world. The options are endless especially for travel nurses.

As a traveling nurse, you pick where you want to work and you go - with benefits out the wazoo! Travel nurses combine the allure of traveling with the money-making career of nursing.

Travel nursing is different than regular nursing for two main reasons.

You get paid more for the same job. And you get to travel. Travel nurses get to choose where they want to may be a ski season in the Rockies or a fly fishing season in Wyoming...or sailing time on the Great Lakes...or a summer in Alaska...or anything else you can imagine.

That is why travel nurse jobs are so great. You work for short periods of time in ideal locations. The average travel nursing job lasts a quarter to half a year, but can be as short as a few weeks or as long as an entire year. Plus travel nurses are paid more than other nurses with the same experience and skills. In fact you will be making anywhere from $21 to $48 per hour, which is 10 to 15% more than permanent nurses.

As a travel nurse, you have the ability to gain knowledge and expertise in not only traveling and the world, but also in the field of health care. When you travel to new locations to work you learn about a variety of different practical nursing settings. All that experience will help you choose your career path if you do ever decide to settle down. You may decide to work in an emergency room in Kansas City one month and the next month be at a private pediatric practice in the Florida Keys. You are always learning something new about nursing, about yourself, and about your ideal location.

Travel nurses also get some incredible benefits besides the travel and better pay. Relocation fees are included. Referral and job completion bonuses are regular fare. Furnished housing with paid utilities are not uncommon. Health insurance and 401K's are normal. Tax breaks are easy to get and very helpful. Not to mention the benefits of a normal registered nurse - flexible hours, plenty of job opportunites, subsidized training, and awesome pay.

This all sounds pretty incredible, right? But you need to be aware that you can't become a travel nurse tomorrow. It takes some time to reach this level of perfect lifestyle. The prerequisites are easy though. You need to become a registered nurse, which takes about 2 years. Then you need to have at least one year of practical hands-on experience before you can take off and jet set around the United States.

It is easiest to be a travel nurse within U.S. territory because nursing is based on a national standard, but with a little bit more work, and possibly a few more certifications, a qualified nurse can work anywhere in the world.

So if you've been dreaming about spending your winters skiing and your summers surfing...try travel nursing. Or if you want to spend some time in the rustic Southwest and a fall in beautiful New England... try travel nursing. Or if you want to visit wine country and then go play by a river in your kayak...try travel nursing. Your options are endless. Remember you only live once. See what you can see and do what you want to do, and if you're a travel nurse you can do it all and make some money at the same time.

Traveling nurses live a lifestyle that everyone is jealous of. They make better money than other nurses, plus they get to work and play in desirable locations during their off hours.

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